Monday, August 3, 2009


moving the blog..

click me: kaizenian!

people are telling me i am such criticism, talking people's bad like publishing news paper, is really awful...
well, upon my graduation as a university student, i had decided to change..
so, have a new start, in the kaizenian post ;D

Friday, May 29, 2009


i got better, in fact, i am ok

special thanks to saviors

i remember once diaane told me: you are my savior! 2 times!
i said: am i?
she said: u don't know, sometimes u just appear to be talking to me in the right time...the save the day..

well, i agree
sometimes, even a smile, a silly grin, will save ur day..
(as well screw urs)

well, refer to the previous post, i am in fire~~
then i post a msg in facebook saying that i want to kill him..
then eldest son come reply and ask isit him..
well, ofcuz not, i love him, then we talk a little and, in the same time blasting song.
surprisingly, he cheer me. my tense got soften and i am relax enough to watch a movie.
i watch a movie with lots of pretty song.oh....

music is miracle isn't it?
indeed, art is... movie, painting, instruments.(maybe just me)

well, thank you el, thank you for the movie, thank you for the songs..

(right after my conversation with el, then i watch movie, right after the movie, el appear and have conversation with me again, wow.
then my fren came and drag me to dinner..thou i am not in the mood, but then eating with 2 lecturers, and a wise couple. maybe i talk crap too much, realize that talking to people with lots of knowledge and wisdom, is a little pressure, but exciting...

so, my day is saved...

(back to psp)

i hate u


as seems as we all hear the bell ringing

once very long ago, seeing 18 year old big brother is like oh,
they are so huge!
while then when u are 18, u realize how 'not a big deal' it is~
so what? 18~

but then looking at a person 21, wow
they can do whatever they want, legally!
while then, i plays the same song, 'so what'

journal bearing

please take a very careful glance, u will see a very pretty breast eye lady!

the cover page of my notes~chapter 2 i think..


these pictures, is my drawing during this exam period..
this is my life,
i draw in everything, but well.. i always not to mess up with the serious stuff, like notes,
but everything beside the notes, will not be rescue.

is this fault:

出了图书馆的门,离开了mmu的门口,是permata dunia 吗?

short circuit suddenly, where i have to pay the remaining bills, streamyx, electric and water,
i fucking hate my housemate where he is told about the bills, rm150 per person, then he got disappear back to hometown ( i guess) without any prior notice!
so what now?
i have to pay on behalf of him! i am leaving this place soon, i exhausted all my fund in my pocket these few weeks to have better life! (but ofcuz, i have reserve some for any surprise, but not these!)

for more than a years, i never pressing button of the ATM because of insufficient fund!
i arrange my cash nicely, and i seldom have the situation where i have to press atm machine!
and now i have to because i have to pay for u!
fuck u!

this is not all,
i press it out little, little enough to have my dignity of not pressing the machine, and add on my reserve fund, i am able to pay it. but this exhausted every of my cash i have in reserve.!
i have no more money!

oh, and the situation came,
i have a pair of rackets, where i ask my fren to bring it to repair if he going to 'the place with repair', and today, he said he is going there.
right after i pay my bill, he appear to collect my racket...

i screw my pride to have reserve fund, and i end up have no money to do what i want...for monthS!

i am so pissed!

i h a t e u

(racket got repaired? no! he said he don have the money for my thing either!
ya, it is mine, and i ask u to help me on the repair, how am i going to expect u pay it....)